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Eddie Guerrero Latino heat

Rememberance notes

Eddie's Childhood
Early career in WCW & ECW
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Rememberance notes
Eddie's Death

Edge remembers Eddie Guerrero
Nov. 16, 2005

When the WWE Superstars learned of Eddie Guerrero's untimely death Sunday morning in Minneapolis, they were able to comfort each other backstage during this most difficult time. Later that day when RAW and SmackDown emanated from the Target Center, friends of Eddie were able to say goodbye in their own way with very special video testimonials.
Close friend Edge, however, was not in Minneapolis Sunday. As a result, Edge was unable to say goodbye to Guerrero in a video testimonial. However, he was able to call in to Wednesday afternoon to give his memories of Eddie. Click on the links below to listen to Edge's emotional comments.

Rob Van Dam remembers Eddie Guerrero
Nov. 15, 2005

When the WWE Superstars learned of Eddie Guerrero's untimely death Sunday morning in Minneapolis, they were able to comfort each other backstage during this most difficult time. Later that day when RAW and SmackDown emanated from the Target Center, friends of Eddie were able to say goodbye in their own way with very special video testimonials.
Longtime friend Rob Van Dam, however, was not in Minneapolis Sunday. As a result, RVD was unable to say goodbye to Guerrero in a video testimonial. However, he was able to call in to Tuesday afternoon to give his memories of Eddie. Click on the links below to listen to Rob Van Dam's comments.

Arn Anderson remembers Eddie Guerrero
Nov. 16, 2005

When the WWE Superstars learned of Eddie Guerrero's untimely death Sunday morning in Minneapolis, they were able to comfort each other backstage during this most difficult time. Later that day when RAW and SmackDown emanated from the Target Center, friends of Eddie were able to say goodbye in their own way with very special video testimonials.
Longtime friend Arn Anderson, however, was not in Minneapolis Sunday. As a result, Arn was unable to say goodbye to Guerrero in a video testimonial. However, he was able to call in to Wednesday afternoon to give his memories of Eddie. Click on the links below to listen to Arn's comments.

Chris Jericho remembers one of his best friends
By Ed Williams III

All of WWE was deeply saddened by the news that Eddie Guerrero passed away Sunday morning in Minneapolis. Everyone who knew Eddie has been deeply affected by his untimely passing. RAW and SmackDown Superstars will have the chance to express their thoughts on the former WWE Champion on both RAW and SmackDown this week. Chris Jericho also wanted to express his feelings and thoughts on his long-time friend. In addition, Jericho has provided this special photo (left) from his personal album. The photo is very meaningful to Jericho, as it depicts him and his three closest friends backstage. caught up with Jericho who fondly remembered a friend that he has traveled with through Mexico, Japan, ECW, WCW and of course WWE.

Interviewer: When did you hear about Eddie Guerrero’s passing?
Chris Jericho: I heard about it yesterday at around noon. Shane McMahon called me and told me. I am devastated by the news of Eddie's passing. Interviewer: What did Eddie mean to you personally?
Chris Jericho: Eddie was one of my best friends in the wrestling business. I’ve known him for 12 years since we met in Mexico City. We’ve been through so much over the years. I hadn’t seen him too much over the last couple of years because we were on different shows. Then, the night before SummerSlam, my flight got delayed. So, instead of flying to wherever we were going, we just stayed overnight at the airport in Tampa. It was my wife and I, and Eddie and his wife happened to be there too, and we talked them into staying over as well. That was probably the last time I had the chance to have a good conversation with him. We had the kind of relationship where all you had to do was talk for about five minutes and you’d be back to where you were the last time you talked to him. We’ve been through a lot of great things together and had a lot of fun together and learned a lot from each other.

Interviewer: You said that Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko were your three best friends in wrestling. What does that picture (above) of the four of you mean to you?
Chris Jericho: There’s a picture of us like that one with Brian Hildebrand the night of that Memorial. When we were in WCW they would call us the New Japan 4 because all four of use came in around the same time, and we all had about the same basic impact. We all came in the same way. We came through new Japan, through ECW. Chris and I came through Calgary and Eddie and Dean came through Florida. We had a lot of respect for each other and we were like kindred spirits. The four of us used to travel together. It was funny because Chris and Eddie would always watch what they eat, and me and Dean were like the fatsos that would look at the back of a cookie box and just laugh. Eddie and Chris eventually split off a little bit because they would want to train at 7:00 in the morning, and me and Dean would wait until 2:00 in the afternoon. But the four of us would always travel together and follow each other. We all respected each other. To get that picture at SummerSlam, eight years after we had the one with Brian, is really special. My wife actually reminded me I had that picture, and I’m so glad we took that picture. Looking at it makes me feel a little better about what happened. I’m not worried for Eddie because he was a man of God and I know he’s in Heaven. I just feel really bad for his family, and I selfishly feel bad for myself. I love Eddie, he was my brother on the road. Even though we didn’t talk too much over the last couple of years, you can’t replace those experiences we had back in Mexico, through Japan and ECW, through WCW which was a hellhole for us at the time – to go through all of that together is special. To eat dinner in each other’s homes and have our wives know each other – it’s just really sad. Of all the guys who have passed on over the years, and it seems like there’s been a hundred by now, this one hurts the most because this was one of the brothers. Anyone will tell you that you can probably count the guys you trust on one hand, and now I have four fingers left on that hand. Eddie was almost a mentor to me in a lot of ways, and I was a mentor to him in a lot of ways too. It just hurts. It really, really hurts.

Interviewer: You and Eddie have had several matches together over the years. Are there any that stand out to you in particular?
Chris Jericho: We didn’t work together too much in WWE because we usually weren’t on the same show. I think my favorite match I had with him was at Fall Brawl ’97 in WCW. We had a great match there. He was as talented as they come and a true class act. Another one we had that was never on TV was myself and Eddie versus Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit in Knoxville, TN, which was a benefit show for Brian Hildebrand (Mark Curtis) who was a referee for WCW. He was a friend of all four of ours and he had cancer, so we had a benefit to help pay for his bills. It was a great night. It was an appreciation night for him. They put us in the main event, which never happened back in those days. It used to always be guys like Lex Luger and Sting, but they knew we were Brian’s friends. It was just a great match. Eddie and I actually had great chemistry as a tag team. We used to laugh that we were the best tag team that really never was. They used to throw us together from time to time in WCW and we would always tear the house down. We used to call ourselves Eh and Buey because buey is a Mexican term and of course Eh because I’m from Canada. Another name we called ourselves was North and South of the Border. He was just one of those guys that could work with anyone. If you had any kind of chemistry at all, you could have a great match with him.

Interviewer: What will you remember most about Eddie?
Chris Jericho: Just how humble he was. He had two sides to him. He was very serious, but he had a really funny sense of humor. He was a really fun guy to be around when he was in that type of mood. And anyone who knows him knows about “The Cricket.” I’m not going to explain it, but those who know, know. And those who don’t, wish they knew about “The Cricket.” That was probably about the funniest thing you could say about Eddie. He was just a really cool guy. He had a real strong faith and belief in God, too. He was never afraid to talk about it, but he would never push it on anyone. He was a true family man and most importantly a warrior for God. He taught me so much about wrestling and about being a man and it is an honor to call him a true brother and friend.

Interviewer: What do you think it meant to Eddie when he finally won that WWE Championship?
Chris Jericho: Eddie felt about it, the same way I felt when I won it, because we talked about it. It’s kind of like wining an Oscar. It’s like getting a pat on the back for years of hard work. We laughed because Chris Benoit, Eddie and myself were basically kicked out of WCW for not being big enough or World Championship material and then less than five years later all three of us were champions in the biggest wrestling company in the history of the world. It was vindication for us. We always knew we could do it and had the confidence. I remember Eddie told me that his dad always said that it says wrestling on the marquee, and if you’re a wrestler you’ll always have a job and it always comes back to wrestling. And he’s right. No matter how much BS there is, and how it’s sports-entertainment, the bottom line is, it comes back to wrestling. And if you can wrestle, you’ll always rise to the top, and Eddie proved that.

Jim Ross remembers Eddie Guerrero
Nov. 15, 2005

Eddie Guerrero and I had a special relationship that came together over time. The catalyst was the challenges this wonderful human being faced in his daily life. I know our relationship was special because I can feel it so strongly in my heart at this very moment — and because Eddie told me so this morning in a dream.
I managed the talent roster for WWE when Eddie was hired at WWE. I had known him and his famous wrestling family for years prior to Eddie becoming a WWE Superstar. But it was after Eddie came to WWE that our relationship became diverse, involved, and, luckily for me, one of the most rewarding and valued relationships I have ever developed in this business. Unfortunately, this unique industry is not famous for people building long-term relationships with their peers that last a lifetime. That’s another story for another time. 
I will never forget Eddie. I will never forget the face-to-face, spirited discussions we had over his demons. I will never forget the moment we finally reached common ground, with tears flowing and hugs abounding. We both knew we had turned the corner and now there was a fighting chance for this amazing wrestler to live out the balance of his life clean and sober.  Eddie got the help he needed. He returned to us a better man, and he became an even bigger star. Eddie Guerrero is easily one of the 10 best in-ring talents I have seen in 33 years in this business. I was so proud of Eddie, and I told him so every single time I saw him from the day he returned to work until the last time I saw him at SummerSlam.
Eddie seemed a little tired at SummerSlam in August when I saw him at the MCI Arena in Washington, D.C. But when our eyes locked he immediately had an ear-to-ear grin on his face and we embraced like long lost brothers. I guess in a way we were brothers … of the wrestling business.  I kidded him about stealing the show at SummerSlam and how that might not sit well with those that had to follow “Latino Heat.” He smiled that mischievous smile of his that we all grew to love because that was exactly what Eddie had on his mind. I wished him good luck and told him how excited I was to be able to sit and watch his match just like a regular fan. We hugged for a few moments but not nearly long enough — as I realized when the news of my friend’s death reached me early Sunday morning.
Eddie, I am sorry I could not be a part of your tribute on Monday Night RAW. But you know my heart was there and you know that I will never forget you or what you have meant to me. You once told my wife that I saved your life. I don’t know about that, but I do know this: You definitely made my life better by me simply knowing you.  Eddie, you constantly reminded me that “respect” is still the top priority for being a wrestler — even though it doesn’t always seem that way to everyone in this generation. I hope the young wrestlers in this business continue to look to you for inspiration and guidance. You were a wonderful inspiration to me and to so many others — not only as a wrestler but as a husband, father, brother and friend.  
I want to smile as I remember you now because I am weary from crying. Goodbye “Uncle Eddie,” until we see each other again.  —Jim Ross

Eddie Guerrero fans send their condolences

Since the news of Eddie Guerrero's untimely death spread, friends and fans of Latino Heat have expressed their condolences through an overwhelming number of e-mails sent into World Wrestling Entertainment. CLICK HERE to send your condolences.


Below is just a sampling of what Guerrero's friends and fans are saying:


From: Mike & Tracie Simmers, fans
Eddie will truly be missed. His family, friends and all of the WWE will be in our prayers. We may have lost a wrestling legend, but Heaven gained a great great man. Thank you for helping share his gift with the world.

From: Art Martin, Pura Familia Car Club
Please give our condolences to Eddie’s family and Chavo Guerrero.

It's a very sad day for all of us at Pura Familia. He will be missed, but he'll be alive in our hearts and memories.

Thank you for giving us multiple opportunities to meet him and spend time with him, please let us know if there is anything we can do.


From: Brad Mercer, Concrete Video

II just read about the untimely death of Eddie Guererro. I am proud to have met him when I was in Columbus. He was more than friendly to Scott and I and I have a display case over my desk displaying some memories of that night: A Viva La Raza shirt, my ticket stub and backstage pass, an autographed copy of one of my DVDs, and a photo of Eddie, Scott and I. I will always remember that night, as one of the highlights of my life. Please pass on my condolences to anyone that may need them. Eddie's family and his WWE family will be in my prayers.

From: Jim Raudabaugh, Show & Go Customs

I was completely shocked when I heard the news. I was hoping it was just some rumor or plot for an upcoming controversy. When I found out it was true, I truly felt I had lost one of my friends. Eddie used our cars 3 times and it was an honor every time. Hell, we felt that we were part of the WWE family. Our prayers go out to Eddie, his family, and all the people at WWE. It’s a sad day that will not be forgotten by us at Show and Go Customs. I know you guys are coming into Detroit for Survior Series on the 27th and I would be completely honored if you guys were interested in using some Low riders as a tribute to Eddie. We would do anything possible to contribute anyway we can. If you want one car, 3 cars, 10 cars we would be willing to do this as a final tribute on pay per view. My 7 year old daughter Megan is crying about this, she received an autographed picture of Tori Wilson and Eddie. She tells all her friends at school how great the experience of coming to wrestling and Eddie using her Daddy’s car. She along with me is very saddened about this situation. I hope everyone in the WWE can keep things positive and take care of each other. It’s a rough business and every one of your fans appreciates what you guys do to yourselves for our entertainment. Let me know if there is anything we can do, and we gladly will. I know I don’t know Eddies immediate family but if you could tell them our prayers are with them I would appreciate it. 

From: Boulevard Knight's

My Club and I had the honor to meet Eddie Guerrero in person 2 years ago. He was a great guy and treated me like I was one of his friends. I am very sorry to hear of his Family’s loss.

May he Rest in Peace. 


From: L. Bianca Ochoa, Manchester Center

Our condolences from The Ochoa Family.  Our prayers are with you.  We are sorry for the loss.  Please give our condolences to Eddie's family and friends and WWE staff.  God Bless You.


From: Nick Hernandez Sr., The Taste of Latin Car Club

Eddie touched many hearts and will continue for many years to come, The Taste of Latin Car Club would like to offer our condolences to the Eddie Guererro family and WWE family. We were fortunate to help you out with cars across the nation. I have enclosed pictures of my son's Agustin's 1981 Lincoln Continental named "Latino Heat”.

When you emailed me last year for assistance with Low-riders, my son named his masterpiece after Eddie. After the event in Odessa ,Texas, people still come in to the body shop and ask to see Eddie's ride. People followed my son in the parking lot, chasing after the car and calling Eddie! Eddie!

The car went into a rebuilt phase sometime after that and it will be feathered this weekend on the main floor at one of the most prestigious car shows in the nation the 34th Annual Tejano Super Car Show in Odessa, Texas. The main floor showcasing five cars out of four hundred entries and over 10,000 people will be attending. This will be our tribute to Eddie.

In addition, Latino Heat will be showcased across the nation in 2006 and we will continue to be Eddie Guerrero and WWE fans.


Best Regards

Nick Hernandez SR


From: Byron, Luxurious Car Club

Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to you and the WWE family along with the family of Eddie Guerrero from the Luxurious Car Club members and our families.  It was an honor to have Eddie drive our car in the San Francisco Cow Palace show.





From: Zoran Jakovski, fan
To WWE and the Guerrero family,
I am deeply saddened to hear that Eddie has passed away. From my family to yours I send my deepest condolences.    Eddie was an inspiration to my brothers and I, we loved to watch him wrestle. He was a great wrestler, an incredible character and most of all an amazing man. Our thoughts and prays go to you.


 From: Gustavo Carega

It was a great honor and privilege for me to have played a small part of Eddie's life. His impact on my family and I, words can't explain. My kids play wrestling and every time they play I have to hear them arguing on who is going to be Eddie Guerrero. He had such a positive influence on many parts of my life. I have been a WWE fan since I was a little kid. So I would like to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to have been part of something so special. I have attached some snapshots from the times you used my Lowrider for
the show. If you ever need my services again, please do not hesitate to ask.

From: Thomas DeBarr, fan
Eddie was an Icon.  I remember all the great matches and the many faces Eddie could portray.  My deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Guerrero family and to the entire WWE family as well. Goodbye Latino Heat.


From: Jay Spencer, Eternal Rollerz Car Club

On Behalf of Eternal Rollerz Car Club we give our deepest condolences to the Guerrero family, friends, co workers and fans. Eddie will be missed by the Lowrider community but he will be remembered by us all for bringing Lowriding to the WWE.  He touched our lives in so many ways and he will always be in our hearts.

I would like to share a few pictures with the fans. A couple members of our club were lucky enough to meet Eddie in Boston on 3-16-04 where he drove out Mario Silva's Lincoln Town Car. Mario is a member of our Lowrider car club Eternal Rollerz C.C.

Deepest Sympathy,

Jay Spencer
Eternal Rollerz Car Club
MA Chapter


From: Frank Ramb, fan
I always thought that Eddie was one of the great people in WWE. You always knew you were going to be entertained when he was out there in the ring. This is a huge loss to WWE and his family. My thoughts go out to his wife and kids.

From: Chris Jericho, friend
Eddie was almost a mentor to me in a lot of ways, and I was a mentor to him in a lot of ways too. It just hurts. It really, really hurts. more...

From: Steve Love, fan
No matter what he was doing, Eddie could get a reaction from me; whether I'd laugh, cry, cheer or jeer. Eddie was one of the best wrestlers of all time and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I am trying to be a wrestler, and a lot of what I know I've learned from watching Eddie. He is an inspiration to us all to never give up. You lied, you cheated, you stole our hearts; thank you so, so much Eddie. I will never, ever forget you. 

From: Paul Noah, fan
I am deeply saddened by the untimely passing of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was a true superstar and a true man. I have followed Eddie's career for years and I always knew he would make it big. My heartfelt sympathies and prayers go out to the Guerrero family. When Raw and Smackdown air every week just know that Eddie will be watching from the best seat in the house!

From: Justin, fan
I'm deeply and truly sad that Eddie is gone. There will never be anyone that can replace him or do the things he did so well in the ring. His devious style of wrestling was so unique and that's what I'll personally miss the most. He was so cool at everything he did in the ring. From his Frog Splashes, to his sly strategies of 'Lying, Cheating, and Stealing,' his very entertaining entrances and his very amusing dance numbers.  I'm gonna miss Eddie and everything he did for WWE.

From: Mike Gill, fan
Eddie is a big inspiration to me as a fan and a future wrestler. He didn’t let his past problems stop him and he worked hard to get where he was.

From: Heather Barber, fan
Eddie was an awesome wrestler it is sad to think that we won't see hiis face in the ring anymore.  He was a role model at times and showed that he wouldn't give up.

From: Melanie Mechura & James Marcks, fans
We were both shocked at the news of Eddie's untimely passing.  Please know that Eddie and his family, co-workers and friends are in our prayers... He will surely be missed by us and ALL his fans worldwide.

From: Laura Cross
My nephew was one of Eddie Guerrero’s biggest fans. He is 10 and I called him yesterday and told him of the news and he said he wanted to cry.  He loved how he would come out in those awesome low riders and said that he wanted to meet him some day. It is very unfortunate that he will never be able to meet him, but the awesome memories will always be with him.

From: Kevin Casey, fan
Eddie Guerrero will be greatly missed.  The wrestling world will never be the same again.   Eddie is the ultimate role model for anybody who has ever struggled with personal issues.  He gave hope and belief that they can do anything and achieve their goals. 

From: Audrey Stewart, fan
Myself and my daughter would like to say how sorry we are and send our condolences to the Guerrero family. Eddie was one of the best wrestlers in wwe and wcw.

From: Henry Potter, fan
I'll never forget a scrawny Eddie coming to the commentary's podium and sharing a jar of jalapeno peppers with Gordon Solie while letting everyone know that he would one day be a force to reckon with.  I am going to miss watching and being entertained by Eddie.

From: Anthony Baker, fan
I would just like to add my name to the list of those who have already paid tribute to Eddie.  He was one of my favorite wrestlers and one of the most talented performers I've ever had the privilege to watch.  He will be sorely missed by the fans.  My deepest sympathies go out to all of his family and friends.

From: Brandon Williams, fan
I know we all feel the pain of Eddie's death but Latino heat will always live on in the hearts of his fans, friends and especially his family. To Mrs. Guerrero, be strong and his fans are here by your side. I hope they have a wrestling ring and lowriders and heaven so Eddie can lie cheat and steal in peace.

From: Daniel Puchalski, fan

I send my deepest apologies and my condolences to the Guerrero family. He had a rough life and I find him to be a role model for everything that he has triumphed through. He is in a better place now and he is flying with the angels. He is also watching over Vickie and his three children. I always found him to be a terrific wrestler and a funny person all around.


From: Daniel Luna, fan

Not one single wrestler ever made me feel the pure emotion that I felt the night Eddie Guerrero beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship in Feb. 2004 and for this I thank you, Eddie.


From: Katrina Dear, fan

What a sad day for all of us WWE fans, Eddie was truly an inspiration to us all! My heart goes out to his wife and his 3 young ones, I will pray for you that God helps you with the pain that you are enduring. No one will be able to take the place of the one and only Eddie Guerrero, but he will live in our hearts and he will always be remembered.


From: James Taylor, fan

Eddie Guerreo was a man who refused to be beaten by his demons and surpassed his wildest dreams when he beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship last year. And when he did that he inspiered me to reach for my dream of one day becoming a WWE Superstar, I actually hoped that I could one day meet my hero and possibly wrestle side by side with him, he made me realize that you don`t have to be one of the big boys to do big things in that ring, he gave me faith in myself to chase after my own dreams, and after seeing Eddie chase his dreams and surpass them I am going to do the same thing no matter how long it takes me to accomplish them. So I just want to say ''Goodbye, and thank you Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero''.


From: Rocio Torres, fan

I was deeply saddened by the news of Eddie's death.  My son is a huge fan of Eddie Guerrero.  He was always saying "LATINO HEAT.  VIVA LA RAZA!"  He was a great inspiration to all the LATINOS everywhere.  I don't even want to tell my son because I know he'll be heartbroken and he will cry.  VIVA EDDIE GUERRERO.  YOU WILL BE MISSED AND WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED.  MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES TO HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS.


From: Kathy Murphree, fan 

My daughter, Stevie Raye and I wish to express our great sadness and send our deepest condolences to Eddie's family.  Stevie has been a big wrestling fan all her life, she had wrestling figures instead of barbie dolls.  We were lucky enough to see Eddie and all the others when they came here to San Antonio, TX last month, we were ringside on the second row.  The memory of Eddie standing on the ring right in front of us, was awesome.  We also saw his final match on Nov. 11th where he showed us all how clever he was, in fooling the referee and defeating Mr. Kennedy.


From: Larry Johnson, fan

Even though I've never met Eddie personally, you can't help but to love what this great performer did in the ring. My prayers go out to his family and friends.


From: Tommie Gilson, fan

I first saw the Guerrero family wrestling on TV in the old Mid-South area and I first saw Eddie wrestling on TV from shows in Mexico. My father used to go to watch there father Gory wrestle in the Los Angeles, CA area whenever he could. I express my deepest condolences to the entire Guerrero famliy Eddie will truley be missed.


From: Cherita, fan
Eddie, you have gained your ultimate reward. Though you will be missed by your friends, family, and mostly your fans, I want to thank you for showing us all how to fly. La Viva Raza


From: Amanda, fan
I had the privelage of seeing Eddie on Smackdown in Sacramento. I had the time of my life, and when Eddie came out he just added to the excitement of the night. He was and always will be an amazing performer. He will be missed.


From: Steve and Jovina DeKlyen, fans

Our Deepest Sympathy and Prayers go out to the entire Guerrero Family, especially Eddies wife Vicki and their Children and to WWE. He was one of our favorites and he will truly be missed. Eddie was and insperation to so many of us, especially to a few people I know when they decided to get clean because of his story.


From: Rosa Bonilla, fan

Eddie was a great role model and I won't forget his smile and the way he always come down w/ the lowriders. He would always have a space in my heart. And to Eddie's wife and family, I am so sorry for the traggic loss. I will always remember him as being proud to be a LATINO.


From: David Marquez, Inoki Sports Management, Inc.
Mr. Inoki, Simon and myself extend our deepest condolences on the loss of Eddie. As you are aware, Eddie spent time working for our company and there are many people in NJPW that have fond memories of him as Black Tiger II. Although Eddie will be most remembered as an outstanding WWE Superstar he is an essential part of our company’s history too.


Warmest regards,

David Marquez
Vice President,
Inoki Sports Management, Inc.


From: James Gomez, La Habra City Council

On behalf of the Mayor and the entire La Habra City Council we extend our deepest sympathy for the loss of Eddie Guerrero. The Guerrero Family has a long history here in the Los Angeles area. When Eddie wrestled many people in our community remember the old days when father Gory and brother Chavo Sr. wrestled here Los Angeles. I will ask that our City Council Meeting of November 21st be adjourned in the memory of Eddie Guerrero.


Our Deepest Sympathy,
James Gomez
La Habra City Council


From: Adrian Ruiz, fan
I've just heard of the tragic death and could not believe my eyes when I checked the WWE homepage. It saddened me to see that Eddie had passed on. I grew up watching eddie as a young child in WCW, and was happy when he came to the WWE with Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn. And I was extremely happy when he became WWE Champion because me as a mexican-american had someone to look up to. I know this loss must be tough on the Guerrero family so I would like to say that Eddie may be gone but he has left a legacy that will never be matched.


From: Ashley Lindridge, fan

I will never forget the day i personally met Eddie. It was over here in the U.K, October 2004, Nottingham. I was 1st in the queue with my two brothers, we queued for 9 hours, to be the 1st to see him. When he arrived, he was so happy to see us, and couldnt believe we had waited that long. He gave the impression to us that he was even happier to meet us than we was to meet him. That was the kind of man Eddie was, such a nice guy, that loved the fans and loved his life. Thank you, Eddie. I will never ever forget you.


From: Jerry & Therese DeBlasio, fans

Two weeks ago my wife and I were going to a school in the Phoenix area to pick up our 8 yr old and we were approaching the area where we normally would wait and my wife says to me "That guy looks familiar." I looked and told her it was Eddie Guerrero. She said "No, it can't be". We got closer and indeed it was the famous pro wrestler, with his wife and his Mom. I approached him and extended my hand to tell him I was a "HUGE" fan. He graciously shook my hand and with a shy look said "Thank You". He then introduced his wife and mother to us and we had a wonderful conversation. It was like we knew these people our whole lives. Yet, he was a "celebrity" and didn't need to even talk to us. The next day we saw each other again and both he and Vickie walked by and remembered my name and said hello. What I'm trying to say is that for the last two weeks that we have known this family, they have made my family feel so comfortable being around them.


From: Rashard Gary, fan
The most memorable Eddie Guerrero moment was at WrestleMania XX when he came out to congratulate Chris Benoit on winning the World Heavyweight Championship. It was great seeing two wrestlers who I have watched over the years reach the top of the ladder. I will never forget that moment and I will never forget "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero. He is truly a legend in my book.


From: Nathan Timm, fan

I would like to commend the entire WWE family for the Eddie Guerrero tribute show I attended. It was the most emotional event I have ever attended. I thank each and every one of the wrestlers for giving their heart and soul tonight for Eddie. The matches were first rate. I heard that all the wrestlers were given the choice not to perform, but they all did it for Eddie.  I thank the WWE from the bottom of my heart for this first class presentation.


From: Jeff Rayne, fan
Eddie Guerrero was, and still is, and inspiration to many.  In the world of "big men," Eddie reached heights nobody thought possible of someone with his size and his style.  His dedication, athletic prowess, and ability to entertain millions of people made him known world wide.  It has been an honor to watch Eddie perform and he will undoubtedly go down as one of the most gifted in ring performers in wrestling history.  Although he is gone, his legacy will live on in the hearts, souls, and memories of millions of people forever.  Goodbye Eddie, and thank you for sharing your life on the screen with people who couldn't know you personally.

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In loving memory of Eddie Guerrero, a Superstar who never failed to entertain and a man who inspired many. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Viva La Raza.